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Fall Equinox 2021 presents:

The Isia

September  TBD

We gather to celebrate the Mysteries of Isis.

Join us for a 4-day festival experience of The Isia, a festival of the Great Goddess Isis.

Together, we will lament with Her. We will search with Her. Then we will arise, renewed, Beneath Her Beautiful Wings.


The rites of the Goddess are both solemn and joyous.
Come. Let us enter Her Temple and together we shall work
Her Divine Magic.

About the Isia

Fall equinox is, roughly, the time of the ancient festival of Khoiak, from Egyptian ka-her-ka, “sustenance upon sustenance.” It is one of the best-attested of the ancient Egyptian festivals. The festival revolved around the most well-known of the myths of the Goddess Isis and the God Osiris: the story of His death, Her mourning, and Her resurrection of Him—along with the resurrection of the grain that would feed the people during the coming year.

The 2020 Isia festival will be our version of these ancient rites.

We will participate in the Lamentations of Isis—and have the opportunity to make our own personal laments. We will join the Goddesses and Gods of ancient Egypt in the exuberant Search for Osiris. We will participate in the Raising of Osiris and, with Him, be renewed Under Her Wings. In the strength of the Goddess, we do not merely endure, but awaken our power to grow and change.

Each day we will open Isis’ shrine with beautiful rites, each night we will close it as She enters the Mystery. By day, there will will be meditations, offerings, and workshops that we can all take part in. By night, we will play music and dance around the Sacred Fire, led by the ecstatic devotees of Golden Hathor, Queen of the Dance and Mistress of Joy.

Join us. Bring yourself, your friends, your family, your music, and your magic. Come and enter into the Temple of the Mysteries of Isis.

Festival Overview

The Isia is still evolving. Please check back for updates as the events and activities come into focus.


Arrival and set up camp

Opening Ritual: Kindling the Flame of Isis


The Rite of Entering the Day—all who wish gather to awaken the Sacred Image of the Goddess for the day; followed by Morning Meditation.

Morning workshops—TBD

Major Ritual; afternoon: The Lamentations of Isis

This is an optional ritual for those who wish to lament; our laments will be for the world, for ourselves, and for our spirits. You will need to be prepared for this ritual. Find more information on how to prepare and other considerations here at Isiopolis.

Major Ritual; evening: The Search for Osiris

We gather for a holy scavenger hunt for the parts of the God Osiris, scattered like grain across the wide earth. We howl and roar and fly with the animal Goddesses and Gods of Egypt as we search for the Beloved of Isis. Children may take part in and are welcome at this rite.

The Rite of Entering the Night—all who wish gather to put the Sacred Image of the Goddess to bed for the night.


The Rite of Entering the Day—all who wish gather to awaken the Sacred Image of the Goddess for the day; followed by Morning Meditation; we leave Her shrine open throughout this coming night that Her magic may flow to us for our work.

Morning workshop: Offering to Isis— Together, we create offerings for Isis.

Afternoon workshop: “Kheperu: the Key to Egyptian Magic” with M. Isidora Forrest; recommended as this workshop provides information used in the evening’s ritual.

Major Ritual; evening: Awakening Osiris

We work the heka or magic of Isis to renew Osiris and ourselves. So many of us are feeling worn down by the circumstances of the world today; we seek renewal and strength beneath the Beautiful Wings of Isis, Great of Magic.

Sacred drumming & dancing—the Hathoru, devotees of Hathor, lead us in our revels around the fire.


Closing Ritual: The Rite of the Fiery Heart of Isis

Together, we take Her power with us into the world.

Camp breakdown and farewells.

Fall Equinox 2021: The Isia

Ticket Information:

Adults (18+) - $80
Minors 13-17 years - $20
Children 0-12 - Free
Vendors - $20 fee (limited)

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