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Change and Growth at Ffynnon

08 Jun 2017 11:58 AM | Michael Agee (Administrator)

We're busy working at Ffynnon after this year's tough winter. The Stag Trail had many trees downed across it - the largest being an old maple with a 16" diameter trunk! While this will help insure plenty of wood for the homestead and fire circles in the future, for now it's just a lot of wood across the path and has to be removed, bucked up, and stored to cure. Luckily we have My Fair Lady, our sturdy and dependable Husqvarna chainsaw to do the trick. We also have several other saws in various stages of cleaning and repair, so hopefully they will come on line in time to 'lend a tooth' to the labor.

For those folks who have stayed overnight at Ffynnon, you all know about how group sound has impacted our neighbors. Last year we moved our drumming space back into the woods to the newly created Dragon Circle. We found out from a recent event that unfortunately the new circle just isn't far enough away to strike the right balance between our group's desire to celebrate into the night and our neighbor's desire for peace and quiet after 10 pm.

As balance is crucial in all relationships, we had a nice long talk with our neighbor and a walk-through at Ffynnon. It turns out that the Dionysos Circle is the perfect space for all-night drumming and our neighbor agrees! So for all future events at Ffynnon the entire property is going to be listed as quiet space after 10 pm with the exception of the Dionysos Circle, where we encourage folks that wish to drum and celebrate to their heart's content. The Dragon Circle will still be available for magical use so long as folks are quiet by 10 pm.

The Dionysos Circle is a tad further back in the woods and folks with mobility issues may have a bit of a time getting there. To ease that, we are beginning our expansion of the North Meadow camping area as well as adding a direct spur from the North Road into the Dionysos Circle, creating the shortest, easiest walk on the property. We also plan to fill and level the tangled crossroad just outside the Dionysos Circle. The final layout will be for the North Road to lead from the North Meadow to the Dionysos Circle only. The Ravine Loop will still be the way to access the Dionysos Circle via its main entrance, and the two connecting pathways between them will be removed. It all looks good on paper, now we just have to make it a reality!

In other news, the Nexus Shrine has again been cleared and is being readied for re-activation and use as a magical and performance space. It is located on a lovely stretch of hill just off the southern slope of the Stag Trail. Look for it during your next visit to Ffynnon! It is a place where the Great Above meets the Great Below. It is a magical space to access and play with the deep creativity that comes from opposite energies meeting and co-mingling, free of ego attachment. Pure creativity - that's the energy of the Nexus and we welcome you there.

New trails into Terra Incognita and other shrines are in the works! We'll keep you posted and let you know how and when you can lend a hand. Ffynnon is growing and changing and now is a perfect time to visit, enjoy the magic that is Ffynnon, and help us co-create our vision. As always - Welcome Home!

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