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News from Farmer Joel: The Gritty Details of Your CSA Share

07 Jun 2018 9:56 AM | Ffynnon (Administrator)

Thank you for joining Ffynnon's Community Supported Agriculture program for the 2018 season.  We're happy to see so many familiar names in our subscription list, along with a large number of first-time members.  We appreciate your trust in our efforts and want to welcome you to the Ffynnon community.  Your first CSA delivery be one week from today, Thursday, June 14, from 3 pm to 7 pm.

You should have received an email linking to this article.  That email contains the address of your pick-up site and any details you need to know about it (some pick-ups are in back yards, for instance).  It also tells you what week your eggs will be delivered if you purchased an egg share. Remember, egg shares are for ten dozen eggs over a twenty week season, so deliveries will be every other week.  This also means our girls won't be under as much deadline pressure.  

Your CSA basket will be, literally, a basket. We ask that you try to return these baskets, and the egg cartons, to us each week so that we can keep our necessary inventory of these items down.  Your basket will have your name on its tag; if you have a friend pick up your produce please let them know this--we had some baskets going home with the wrong members last year because of this. 

We also ask that you please respect your site hosts by helping to keep the pick-up area neat and by picking up your baskets in the allotted time.  Also, if you can't make it to the pick-up site for your basket, please let us know as soon as possible. The best way to communicate with us on delivery days is to text Joel at 503-313-7839. Our hosts get worried that something has gone wrong otherwise, and so do we. We don't want to add anxiety to folks who are already being incredibly gracious in opening their spaces to us.

 The weather has been fantastic so far this year and has allowed us to get a jump start on some of our warmer weather crops, so you may see some of those main-season vegetables earlier this year.  We are also looking forward to strawberries as early as possible.  Our returning customers know that we have the "everbearing" types of strawberries at Ffynnon, so that while we may be later than farm stands selling June-bearing fruits, we sometimes keep getting berries until late September.

We may not have made our first delivery this year, but we'd already like to thank you for supporting Ffynnon's CSA program.  If you took part in our recent GoFundMe campaign to secure the farm's future, we are doubly grateful.  One way we'd like to say thank you is by inviting you all out to Ffynnon for Farm Day, Saturday, August 18.  We know that's a long way away, but we also know how many different events compete for your attention in the summertime.  Details are still being set, but we know that there will be live music, games and treats for kids and adults, walks in the woods, and maybe the chance to eat a carrot right out of the ground--or to try to pet a chicken. So mark your calendars and watch this space for details.

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