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CSA Week 1, 14 June 2018

14 Jun 2018 11:03 AM | Ffynnon (Administrator)

Greetings Ffynnon Farm Share Members!

Today is the day of your first delivery of harvest shares.  Thank you once again for allowing us to play with your food.  Today's baskets will include smooth-leaf spinach, radishes, leaf lettuce, and green onions.  In addition, we'll be including bunches of oregano and spearmint in your shares.  

What to do with those herbs?

Well, you can use the mint in this week's recipe for a mojito (or four). Take eight torn-up sprigs of mint and put them into a cocktail shaker, or any thing else you can put a lid on. Add a generous amount of ice, six tablespoons of fresh lime juice, four tablespoons of sugar, and six ounces of white rum. Shake it extremely well.  Extremely well. Then pour it all into four highball glasses, top each glass off with club soda, and then garnish with whole mint sprigs and lime slices.  

You can also do marvelous things by preserving the herbs.  Mince the oregano, and then divide into ice cube trays in portions of one or two tablespoons.  Fill the ice cube trays with water, vegetable or chicken broth, olive oil, or lemon juice.  Once frozen, you can pop the cubes into freezer bags to have fresh herb flavor throughout the year. The mint works exactly the same way, but you might not want to pack mint into olive oil unless you do a lot of Greek cooking.  By the way, the combination of mint and oregano is a Greek and eastern Mediterranean staple.  Give it a try--but be cautious.  Feta cheese cubes marinated in olive oil with mint and oregano is a joy.

Mustard greens are from the brassica family, and have that family's light bitterness in their flavor profile.  I like them braised in just a little broth (they almost have enough water in them to braise themselves) with bacon or pork belly, onion or garlic, and either a shot of good  vinegar or some lemon juice.  In fact I'm going to come out right here and make a pronouncement: keep a fresh lemon or two in your fridge at all times.  They go with anything, they practically scream "summer," and they bring out the best flavors of fresh foods.  It's an indulgence, but aren't you worth it?

Eggs, eggs, eggs!

Eggs are going to all our locations today except Inner Southeast.  Our girls have been literally working their asses off getting things ready for today.  Some of them are very young (born in January) and are just coming on line.  For a few weeks, their production is erratic both in frequency and quality and size of the eggs.  We've been eating these "practice eggs," some of which are tiny, or contain yolks only.  That leaves the good eggs, the big, hard shelled ones, for you. The eggs you get today mostly weigh out at 56 grams (two ounces) or above, which is the USDA standard for "large" eggs.  There may be an occasional one at 55 grams, but that's as small as we'll go this year for your egg shares.  We may offer some medium eggs (50-55 grams) at a lower price later on if we keep accumulating large quantities.

Again and again and again, thank you for getting a share of Ffynnon Farm 2018. We hope you enjoy the baskets!

Happy Eating,

Farmer Joel

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