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Earth Day at Ffynnon


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Earth Day at Ffynnon

Earth Day is April 22nd everywhere else but it's April 21st at Ffynnon!  Honor the spirit of the modern environmental movement by taking part in Ffynnon's Act of Green as listed in the Earth Day Network. We will be joining nearly 3 billion people worldwide who choose to act to make our world a better place. 

This year our Act of Green is twofold. We have discovered on the farm a waste site recently uncovered by tree thinning on an adjacent property and we want to return the area to its natural state. We also want to do a full length cleanup along Pebble Creek Rd., where for years folks have been throwing refuse into the drain ditch and last year's Right-of-Way thinning uncovered. So please join us for a day of work, contemplation, and fellowship as we continue to actively cleanse and re-balance the magic that is Ffynnon.

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