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Beltane 2023 presents:

The Awakening of Psyche

May 18th - 21st

Join us for a four day festival to commune with nature in Her Aphroditic form! 

Walk with Her as the Paleolithic Mother of All and witness Her transformation into the modern Mother of Love - symbolized in Her son Eros.

Join in Her mystery of ‘The Awakening of Psyche’ and in doing so awaken your own psyche to the gifts of Love - not only of the Goddess but also of community! Adults only 18+.

With the sun in Taurus we begin our festivities under a new moon in Taurus!
We come together to celebrate Beltane during the Season of the Bull!

Event Overview


Arrive, set up and relax!

Meet and greet old friends and new, and prepare your camp.


We will meet Aphrodite and Psyche during the day and then ignite the Belfire, sing Pagan campfire chants, commune, and dance around the flames!


During the day, we will erect the Maypole, which will become the symbolic community Pole for the year. That evening we will then share in the gifts of Eros to Psyche in a Tantric Rite that is meant for all to attendee. Please Note: For the rite you will need a partner, but it does not need to be a romantic partner, just someone you feel open to connecting deeply with.


Aphrodite will provide Psyche, and as such all of you, with the wings you need to fly with Love for the rest of the Year!

Beltane 2023: The Awakening of Psyche

Adults only 18+
Limited Car and RV 

56965 Pebble Creek Rd
Vernonia, Oregon 97064

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