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Fall Equinox 2023 presents:

Hekate: Her Rites, Mysteries, and Devotions

September 21 - 24, 2023

Join us as we turn the Wheel of the Year to the Descent with a weekend of honoring Hekate - the Three Formed Goddess of the Crossroads!

We will reveal her new permanent shrine and statue, with ceremony befitting this ancient deity. We offer daily self-led Rites to explore, Hekate’s Epithet Altars to visit, daily Devotions to honor Her, and nightly Mysteries to take us deeper with this ancient and powerful Goddess of Witchcraft and Magic.

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A baying of hounds was heard through the half-light: the goddess was coming.




Welcome to the festival! Check in at the registration desk, unload and set up camp, then begin your journey by visiting the Propylaea - the monumental gateway - with a private, self-led cleansing rite of Khernips.

We’ll open the festival with a Blessing of the Grounds, followed by a Deipnon where we will feast together and make offerings of food to Hekate which will be burned during a Devotional Offering at the Fire Altar, and closing the day with a procession to the Shrine where we begin at the beginning with readings of the oldest known written account of Hekate from Hesiod’s Theogony, circa 700 BCE.

Homage to Hekate - by Lis Wright Ivec


Each day we give Offerings during three Devotionals: Morning, Midday, and Evening. In your free time, explore the self-led Rites and Epithet Altars.

Take your knowledge of this Chthonic deity deeper with a special presentation by Marlèn ~Malophoros: The Many Faces of Hekate - Experiencing the Mystery of the Goddess

Walk in an ancient act of procession to Hekate’s Shrine when She will be unveiled, enchant Her with the Sacred Song of the Orphic Hymn while we bring offerings of Sacred Gifts to adorn Her statue. Trance into the Underworld with Hekate in the deep of night.


We continue our three daily Devotionals, self-led Rites and Epithet Altars.

Attend "The Voice of Fire: Hekate in the Chaldean Oracles" with M. Isidora Forrest in the afternoon.

Gather at dusk for the Candlelit Procession to Hekate’s Shrine, when we ensoul Her as the Flower of Fire, and hear the Words of the Goddess, feeling Her fiery presence in our hearts during an Oracular Rite.


We close our festival weekend with our last two Rites of Devotion and an honoring of Ffynnon’s Sacred Oak with the ashes of our Offerings. We turn the Wheel of the Year to the Descent and welcome the coming Darkness.

Ffynnon's Fall Equinox 2023 presents:

Hekate: Her Rites, Mysteries, and Devotions

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