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Ffynnon Events

The Wheel of the Year

The Wheel of the Year embodies the 8 spokes of the solar cycle, based on the 2 solstices, 2 equinoxes, and 4 cross-quarter holidays.

Ffynnon’s Wheel of the Year is intimately tied to the dynamics of the seasons we experience on the land. Our connection is symbolized by identifying with the life cycle of the trees of our forest and by extension to all life; for without them, we are not.

The life cycle of the trees is at the heart of Ffynnon: Seed - Sprout - Seedling - Sapling - Stripling - Mature - Fruiting - Snag

Learn About the Wheel of the Year

    • 16 Dec 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Ffynnon

    December 16th from noon to 3pm

    This year we are experimenting in creating a Yule Holiday Variety Show and we invite you to participate! This means you can join us at Ffynnon on December 16th from noon to 3 pm where we will be recording video of you - our seasonal talents - concluding in a Yule log ritual and carols.

    This can be silly or serious, but definitely fun! Poetry, song, puppetry, juggling (no mimes) - however your creative talents would like to express themselves! Plan on keeping your skit under 3 minutes.

    We will release the video on Dec. 22 and you are all invited to “Ffynnon’s First Annual Yule Holiday Variety Show Release Party”! On this night we will come together online to view the show and share our seasonal emojis.

    Ritual Activity: Burn the Yule log - collect the ash

    We gather around a warm fire and celebrate the Winter Solstice as we burn the Yule log which is a log from the Maypole, releasing the energy of this past year. Doing this we prepare ourselves for the darkest days to come wherein we contemplate the blessings we wish to bring to the community at next year’s Beltane rites, and sing carols and praises for the Return of the Light on the Longest Night.

    We collect the Sacred Ash from the Yule fire, keeping its nourishing carbon and minerals to return to the land for the overwintered seeds at Imbolc.

    This is a free event for our members and the public but registration is still required. We will be outside so dress prepared for the weather, and bring snacks if desired. All video taking will be by consent.

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