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Fall Equinox 2022 presents:

The Descent of Inanna

A Fall Equinox Celebration of the Great Goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven 

September 22nd to the 25th

Come join us for a 4-day festival celebration as we explore the stories of Inanna and the full range of usual Fall Equinox fun—drumming and dancing, feasting together, and enjoying friends and family in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Do you know the Lady of the Largest Heart?
Do you know the Queen of Heaven?
Do you know the Possessor of the Sweet Vulva?
Do you know the Wild Bull Queen, the Mountain Wildcat?
Do you know the Holy One, Inanna, the Bearer of Happiness?

If you are one of those whom Inanna has called—in ritual or dream or myth or magic—then please join with your Community in celebrating this Great Goddess at Ffynnon's 2022 Fall Equinox: The Descent of Inanna!

But if you are one She has not yet touched, then you are most especially invited to join in this celebration of Inanna, the Queen of Heaven. Inanna is one of the oldest Goddesses for Whom we have a recorded name; and every Pagan, Wiccan, Witch, Magician, and other magical and Nature Loving people, should have the opportunity to experience Her at least once.

All the Usual Festivities—and More!

Of course we’ll enjoy the full range of usual Fall Equinox fun—drumming and dancing, feasting together, and enjoying friends and family in a beautiful outdoor setting. But this year’s festival will also offer a wide variety of powerful, sacred rituals as well as many other ways to honor Inanna and the ancient Sumerian Deities closely associated with Her.

A Weekend of Ritual

Inanna is a Goddess Who holds in Her hands all the necessities of life: food, sexuality, the things that make up human civilization, as well as the Sacred Mysteries of both Heaven and the Underworld. She is the Lady of All Things. And this is why one of the ideas behind this year’s festival is that—from the moment we set foot on the festival grounds—we begin our honoring of Inanna; for all acts are Her rituals. From pitching our tents to greeting our friends, everything we do may be considered as an offering to the Goddess, if done with sacred awareness.

This year we are bringing our magic deeply into our bodies through ecstatic dance! The Dancing Ground of Inanna will be enlivened by music crafted through sacred intention to deepen our awareness of the Mysteries. Our bodies will be our prayer, and in both the Descent and the Ascent we shall make mighty offerings to Inanna!

Our Opening Ritual will be inspired by the Sumerian creation myth of “Inanna and the Huluppu Tree.” The Mother Goddesses, Nammu and Tiamat, will create the World from the Great Abyss, and the Wisdom God, Father Enki, will raise the Abzu Waters and the Clay of Being from the vastness of Kur, the Great Underworld Dragon – and we will all join in to add our energy to the Creation as well.

Another rite will be the “Reception of the Mé (May).” The Mé are all the qualities of civilization, from arts & crafts to warfare. We—as the people of Inanna—will receive them directly from Her hands. Together, we will discover how Inanna became the Lady of All the Mé, then we will learn Her chants so that we can sing back our praises to the Lady for Her many and mixed blessings.

The festival’s Main Ritual will enable us to participate in one of Inanna’s most well-known myths: “Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld.” We will discover why Inanna descended to the Underworld and why—at one time or another—we must all follow Her.

We will be able to visit the Temple of the Moon for divination and communion with the ancient Sumerian Deities of the Moon—Ningal, the Moon Goddess, and Nanna, the Moon God.

The Temple of Inanna will be open 24 hours a day and attended (during many of those hours) by priestesses and priests who will assist us in making offering to the Goddess, or leave us in peace for personal communion with Her.

In the myths, Utu (the Sun God and brother of Inanna) weaves a holy wedding sheet as a gift to Inanna and Dumuzi. For this festival the Loom of Heaven will be set up in Utu’s shrine, available to all who wish to weave some magic upon its warp and weft. The resulting cloth talisman, woven by the community, will be offered to Inanna at Her Temple to seal the magic!

Oh…and watch out for Pazuzu. This tricksterish Babylonian Wind Demon will be blowing through the festival grounds in the dark of the night. Protective talismans and proper offerings are advised!

Join Your Community at this Joyous Celebration of the Mysteries of Ancient Sumeria and the Goddess Inanna, Lady of Largest Heart, Queen of Heaven!

Fall Equinox 2022: Descent of Inanna

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