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Beltane 2022 presents:

The Wild Hunt

April 28th - May 1st

Join us for a four day festival and experience the Wild Hunt! 

Let the beat of the drum fuel the chase. Join the Stag and the Hunter Maiden energies as they lead you through the dance of the maypole, and prepare you as an initiate in the hunt.

Bring your drums, your horns, your fae gear, and most importantly, your friends! Adults only 18+.

What path do you choose?

Hunter or Hunted?

As an initiate you travel far to the annual fire festival held at Ffynnon, a land outside of time, where war and strife are unheard of, and the lands bounty is rich and plentiful. Tribes make the annual journey for trade, and many young men and woman come in hopes of finding new love.

Although people come from all walks of life, Ffynnon is a place of unity, a place where differences are celebrated, and the tribes become one. Festivities included dancing the Maypole, music, feasting, study, the annual hunt, and the birth, which is the planting of the sacred tree. This year is the year of the Oak. It stands for courage, truth, and wisdom. It represents the strength of the tribe.

The Druids perform a dedication to Vision, Creativity, and Fertility. Each initiate vows to honor one of these energies throughout the year. At the dedication the maiden and stag lead the hunt to the Temple of the Horned God, where they make merry and practice their Sacred Rites. With the veil thin the Horned God, Green Goddess, and Fae join the festivities. The Fae instigate mischief, carrying the energies throughout the night.

On the final day of the festival, the sacred Oak is planted, and the maypole is divided into logs, for the coming Yule season. Initiates return to their lands to work on the mysteries they have chosen to follow. Ffynnon, blessed by the tribes' energies, continues to reside in the in-between, otherworldly and sacred to those dedicated to the mysteries.

Event Overview


Arrive, set up and relax!

Meet and greet old friends and new, and prepare your camp.



  • Wild Hunt - Are you the Hunter, or the Hunted? Learn about the Wild Hunt, and follow the ancient path of the Horned Gods.

Dancing the maypole

Join us as we separate into two energies, the Maiden Hunter who will lead the digging of the Yoni, and the Stag, who will lead in the hunt for the maypole.  Then gather to dance the maypole. Maiden energies, if you feel called bring flowers to decorate the yoni.

Opening Ritual - Starting the Sacred Fire

We will start the ritual fire with the 9 sacred woods, as opening ritual on Friday.  Be sure to come to the workshop to learn more.

Feast Friday Eve

Join us in celebration of the union of our Maiden and Stag with music, dancing, and our sacred stories.



  • Wild Hunt - Learn about the logistics of the hunt, and follow the ancient path of the Horned Gods

The Wild Hunt Ritual

Bring your partner and join the Maiden and Stag on the hunt to the Temple of the Horned God.

Evening Drumming and FIRE!


Closing Ritual - Planting the Sacred Oak

Closing ritual represents the birth of our dedications. 

Join us for the planting of the sacred Oak and cutting of the Maypole.

Beltane 2022: The Wild Hunt

56965 Pebble Creek Rd
Vernonia, Oregon 97064

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