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Fall Equinox 2021 presents:

Offering to Isis

A Fall Equinox Celebration of the Goddess and of Community

Come join us for a 3-day festival celebration as, under the Wings of Isis, we come together as a Community once more.

In order to provide the safest festival experience for our community, All attendees age 12+ must be fully vaccinated. There will be no exceptions. You must provide proof of vaccination for yourself and your guests when you register. Let us be safe and celebrate together again!

If you asked the ancient Egyptians, the act of Making Offering was one of the things that maintained Ma’et, that which is Right and True. Offering helped keep the world in balance.

Making Offering is part of the great reciprocal flow between the Divine and the human. It is one of the most important ways we communicate with our Goddesses and Gods. It is hallowed by tradition. It is empowered by magic. 

As we turn the wheel at this Fall Equinox, let us come together in rituals of offering. Under the Wings of the Great Goddess Isis, let us gather in a celebration of our reentry into and reconnection with Community. In the presence of Isis Myrionymos, Myriad-Named Isis, Goddess of the Ten Thousand Names, let us gather with open hearts and generous spirits to Make Offering. 

As we human beings have always done—from the First Time, the Zep Tepi—we shall give gifts to Isis and we shall receive gifts from Her. 

“My body being on earth, my heart being awakened, my magic being in my mouth, O Isis, I Make Offering unto You.”

We are living through extraordinary times. Many of us have gone through intense changes. There have been painful losses. And there have been surprising gains. Through Rites of Offering, we can give thanks, mourn losses, and ask for aid. We can find Divine connection and reawaken our hearts.

The Rites of Offering

Our rituals are inspired by the Daily Offering Rites worked in ancient Egyptian temples. We will come together four times, at the cross-quarters of the Holy Day and Sacred Night, to Make Offering to the Goddess in four of Her myriad names.

Yet, as a Community, we are many different people, on many different paths, who honor many different Deities. And so the Iset Weret— the Great Throne Altar of Isis—will welcome all our Divine Ones. If you wish, you are invited to bring an image or symbol of your own Divine One/s to add to the Great Altar that They may receive Offering as well.

Now, Let’s Celebrate!

We have missed each other! So this festival is intended to give us plenty of open time so that we can be together…for feasting, drumming, dancing, and just relaxing. No formal workshops are planned.

Fall Equinox 2021: Offering to Isis

56965 Pebble Creek Rd
Vernonia, Oregon 97064

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