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Ffrequently Asked Questions

What has happened at Ffynnon?

Here’s what’s happening:  Ffynnon is working with beautiful Columbia County (where we’re located) to make Ffynnon a “private park.” This will enable us to do everything we’ve all dreamed of for Ffynnon—from expanding our offerings to improving our facilities.

What this means:  is that we must temporarily stop holding events on Ffynnon property until we establish private park status. During this process we will be holding any and all Ffynnon events elsewhere.

What to do? Be patient. We will be making individual announcements with all the changes to upcoming events and we invite you to keep an eye on our website and social media for all the news as it develops. Be present. Please, continue to join us for events when you can! Be engaged. You are our community  and we need your support  as we make this transition. Please work  all of your wonderful  magic for us, and consider donating towards this effort if you are able.

Why right now?

We finally got clarity from the county about what was permitted.

When will we know? What is the timeline?

We’re in the process of submitting our paperwork and we are hoping to hear back from the county this summer. However these processes are not swift and we cannot offer a clear date at this time. We will update you all with more information as it is available to us.

Can I still come out to Ffynnon? Will Member Days still be held?

Unfortunately, no. For the time being we need to consider the property “closed”. This is temporary, but necessary as part of the private park application process.

Will free events still be held?

Yes! They will be held at various off-site locations, check the specific event for more details

How do I stay up to date on Ffynnon changes?

We have options! Updates are posted regularly to Facebook, Instagram, and our community Discord. You can join our email list here to receive email communications. Or you can check for updates here on the website. 

How can I help?

If you have good leads/contacts for event site locations, we’d love to hear from you. Any and all financial donations are deeply appreciated as we navigate this transition. 

Be present,  work your magic, continue to help us cultivate this beautiful community.

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